Risk management

Anup P K

Biocon wanted to ensure that with the changing technology and threat landscape, it also evolves and matures on its controls to combat modern cyber threats and attacks.  For this, Biocon re-looked at key risks and compromising factors for its critical assets belonging to various functions for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). It also mapped potential third-party risks and insider threats as part of this framework. As an organization it re-aligned its risk sharing models and strategies to tackle various cyber liabilities and thereby the risk-appetite of the organization. 

Manish Sehgal

At AU Small Finance Bank, Manish Sehgal implemented a Mobile Security Solution with the ability to implement geographic, device and user-based security policies. 

Rajiv Nandwani

At Innodata, Rajiv Nandwani led the security augmentation. All controls of HIPAA and DPA were clubbed with the ISO controls to setup one portal whereby all control requirements of each department were mentioned, and the employees were trained on the policies and procedures written entity-wide. 

Sanjeev Lamba

Sanjeev Lamba led the consolidation of IT teams for better control over IT infra and end user services at UNOMinda Group.

Ambarish Kumar Singh

At Flipkart Internet, Ambarish Kumar Singh Establishment of governance structure has helped in getting required top management support and approval in rolling out security initiatives and projects org-wide.

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