Risk management

Archaic practices, skills shortage biggest gaps in security today: Rajnish Gupta, RSA

Rajnish Gupta, Regional Director, India & SAARC at RSA explains why identifying critical assets and assigning a risk score is imperative to new age cybersecurity.

Top six security and risk management trends: Gartner

Analysts will explore the trends security leaders face during the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, September 10-11, 2018, London, U.K.

GDPR’s breach-reporting mandate can prove to be a challenge: Jaspreet Singh, EY

At IDG Security Day, Jaspreet Singh, Partner – Cyber Security (Africa, India & Middle East) at EY, decodes GDPR and points out areas that could prove to be a challenge.

CISOs must invest in an effective GRC tool over anything else: Shubhagata Kumar

Shubhagata Kumar, Additional Director General and CISO, CBIC talks about what constitutes a robust security framework.

Satyanandan Atyam

Bharti AXA General Insurance wanted to meet the IRDAI requirements on cyber and information security guidelines and to establish the managed security from India Data Centers. Bharti AXA general Insurance implemented a IT DC transition project which was a green filed Security stack project (built up from scratch), solution and implemented as per industry standards and security best practices.  The implementation of regulatory requirement along with the new Security Stack for the IT DC transition project was the strategic projects led by Atyam. 

Amar H Shah

Ashok Leyland implemented a mobile security solution with the ability to implement geographic, device and user based security policies. 

Karthik Shankar

At RRD, Karthik Shankar led a cross-functional team in order to comply with data protection regulations. The team was responsible for delivering an action plan based on the data privacy principles. 

Meetali Sharma

Meetali Sharma conducted an internal risk assessment with respect to the security standards, identified gaps, and made numerous changes within the environment. This included physical segregation, VLAN segmentation, dual factor authentication, policy alignment, and employee trainings. 

Lopa Mudraa Basuu

Lopa Mudraa Basuu developed investor reporting audit support model for enterprise IT of OCWEN by re-engineering IT risk management program through fine-tuning and bringing in different investor IT controls requirements under a single umbrella.

Kuldeep Kaushal

Kuldeep Kaushal has been instrumental in executing the security strategy at Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services.

Amit Jaokar

At Choice International, Amit Jaokar led a Cloud based Identity and Access Manager (IdAM) solution to optimize information security and risk management, and achieve regulatory compliance faster. It reduced administrative costs by 20 percent, automated account management by 85 percent, reduced helpdesk calls by 90 percent, and reduced user on-boarding time by 75 percent.

Anup P K

Biocon wanted to ensure that with the changing technology and threat landscape, it also evolves and matures on its controls to combat modern cyber threats and attacks.  For this, Biocon re-looked at key risks and compromising factors for its critical assets belonging to various functions for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). It also mapped potential third-party risks and insider threats as part of this framework. As an organization it re-aligned its risk sharing models and strategies to tackle various cyber liabilities and thereby the risk-appetite of the organization.