Privileged access is a critical pathway to all attacks: Jeffrey Kok, CyberArk

By securing privileged access and secrets like API keys, SSL keys and encryption keys, organizations can their make journey to the cloud with a reduced risk posture, says Jeffrey Kok – Vice President, Pre-sales, Asia Pacific & Japan, CyberArk, in an interaction with IDG Media.

Victims of malicious crypto miners increases by 44 percent: Study

Statistics for the last 24 months show that miners are increasingly focused on developing markets and are taking advantage of internet users in these regions to grow their revenues.

How to respond to a ransomware attack

The right response will make all the difference for your organisation's data and reputation.

What is a zero-day exploit? A powerful but fragile weapon

A zero-day is a security flaw that has not yet been patched by the vendor and can be exploited. These vulnerabilities fetch high prices on the black market

More than 3 million cryptojacking hits detected in 2018: Study

The number of mobile cryptojacking malware variants have grown to 25 by May 2018 from 8 in 2017, marking a three-fold increase.

Best computer security tips

Computers are such an integral part of life now, that it can be easy to take them for granted. But, with so much of our personal, financial, and legal information accessible through your PC, laptop and phone, it’s essential that we keep them and Windows 10 secure.

Why is Bitcoin such a security hazard?

Despite the promise of Blockchain technologies to bring better security to online transactions and business processes, its rapid growth and adoption is bringing new cyber risks with equal force that will likely evolve with continued success.

Mandatory data breach laws: A honey pot for lawyers in Australia

The change and evolution of growing security breaches remain an ongoing threat to the privacy of every organization’s clients. Caught between progression and changing landscapes, technology has evolved rapidly for even the most advanced corporates to keep ahead.

The most notorious hacker groups

Today increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks are crafted, honed, and improved by shady groups of hackers, often using custom tools that are directed at high value people, businesses, or even countries.

Satish K Sharma

Satish K Sharma led a team of experts to carry out a detailed gap analysis against ISO-27001:2013 guidelines to attain high security levels. 

Jayan N

At Servion Global Solutions, Jayan N implemented an end-point protection suite with advance malware protection software to safeguard the organization against ransomware/malware attacks.

Aditya Khullar

At Paytm, Aditya Khullar implemented threat intelligence for securing the organization's vast infrastructure. Under the project, threat advisories were created on a real-time basis to prevent the various attack vectors such as ransomware and botnets.