Are CIOs confident enough to adopt cloud and how can cloud service providers help?

With issues of data residency and reluctance to move away from legacy resolved, the question now arises if the average Indian CIO has enough faith in cloud service providers to store and manage critical business data seamlessly.

Will the end of net neutrality be a security nightmare?

Effects of the net neutrality repeal are hard to predict, but there could be additional costs for using endpoint security tools if data rates rise. Best advice: Stay the course on security for now.

Are bad analogies killing your security training program?

Humans make irrational decisions under pressure. Security training needs to focus on changing behavior, not just raising awareness. Using effective analogies can help.

Safeguarding your biggest cybersecurity target: Executives

Top execs make big targets, especially when traveling abroad. Here’s how to protect C-level officers from whaling, espionage, and themselves.

People, data and network are constants for modern enterprise: George Chang, Forcepoint

To understand and tackle issues of cybersecurity, enterprises must first decode the intersection of users, data and network, says George Chang, Head–APAC, Forcepoint.

Aadhaar breach report: Reactions on freedom and privacy

Here is a look into what unfolded after the Aadhaar breach report by an English daily went viral.

Alleged breach compromises a billion Aadhaar accounts; govt in denial mode

A recent revelation exposes the vulnerability of Aadhaar data and the ease in accessing information for a mere Rs 500.

Security trends 2018: biometric hacking, state-sponsored attacks, daring cyber heists

There are only a couple of near-certainties for cybersecurity in 2018: that the market will continue to be buoyant and that attacks will become more sophisticated.

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Using legitimate tools to hide malicious code

The authors of malware use various techniques to circumvent defensive mechanisms and conceal harmful activity.

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DDoS attacks in Q3 2017

In the third quarter of 2017, the trends of the preceding quarters continued to develop further.

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Machine Learning for Cybersecurity, Demystified by Sophos

To date, our industry has mystified machine learning in secrecy and jargon. Transparency, explanation, and information is what is prefered. Please enjoy this guide – a collection of the articles we’ve shared throughout the year to tell the story.

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SophosLabs 2018 Malware Forecast

This report reviews malicious activity SophosLabs analyzed and protected customers against in 2017 and use the findings to predict what might happen in 2018.