Mandatory data breach laws: A honey pot for lawyers in Australia

The change and evolution of growing security breaches remain an ongoing threat to the privacy of every organization’s clients. Caught between progression and changing landscapes, technology has evolved rapidly for even the most advanced corporates to keep ahead.

Satyanandan Atyam

Bharti AXA General Insurance wanted to meet the IRDAI requirements on cyber and information security guidelines and to establish the managed security from India Data Centers. Bharti AXA general Insurance implemented a IT DC transition project which was a green filed Security stack project (built up from scratch), solution and implemented as per industry standards and security best practices.  The implementation of regulatory requirement along with the new Security Stack for the IT DC transition project was the strategic projects led by Atyam. 

Karthik Shankar

At RRD, Karthik Shankar led a cross-functional team in order to comply with data protection regulations. The team was responsible for delivering an action plan based on the data privacy principles. 

Clyde Joseph

Deutsche Bank AG has taken a multi-layered approach to building information security controls into every layer of technology at the organization.

Lopa Mudraa Basuu

Lopa Mudraa Basuu developed investor reporting audit support model for enterprise IT of OCWEN by re-engineering IT risk management program through fine-tuning and bringing in different investor IT controls requirements under a single umbrella.

Vijendra Singh Rawat

Dharampal Satyapal had requirement for a security solution which covers web content filtering, data leak prevention, employee forensics, employee productivity and behavior monitoring, enforced encryption on external devices such as USBs, external hard disk drives for all remote locations. The organization also had a challenge to address all this aspects of information security in single cloud solution to avoid extra bandwidth utilization between datacenter and remote locations. For this, DS implemented InDefend integrated Data Privacy solution.


Lucius Lobo

The advent of GDPR provided Tech Mahindra an opportunity to design, build and enforce increased trust across the entire organization and turn that into wider operational and business gains. The GDPR compliance program solution included implementation of data privacy and protection framework. Data privacy policy and framework were fine-tuned to adhere to global regulatory environment.  Mandatory training along with exams for Data Protection were designed and rolled out.

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