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Twitter, Google lose their top security executives

Michael Coates, CISO, Twitter, and Michal Zalewski, director, Information security engineering and assurance, Google have quit their respective companies. 

What is security’s role in digital transformation?

Digital transformation is front of mind for many senior executives, but too often security is left behind.

10 questions to answer before running a capture the flag (CTF) contest

Running your own CTF contest can build security skills and help identify new internal and external talent. Learn what types of challenges you need to include, how to make the contest run smoothly, and other logistics to consider.

7 threat modeling mistakes you’re probably making

The relative lack of maturity around threat modeling can cause big problems for organizations seeking to adopt the practice to bolster their network and services security.

Big data analytics to boost excellence in clinical research

Clinical research will leverage automation and big data analytics to reduce errors, develop products faster and reduce operating costs.

4 must-know facts about secure mobile printing

Mobile printing is making major strides right now. Is your company's mobile print security up to speed?

This hacker is rating software security Consumer Reports-style

The Cyber Independent Testing Lab (CITL) is fuzzing binaries at scale and building a checklist of compile-time security best practices.

Cloud trends 2018: serverless, Kubernetes and vendor oligopoly

Despite being the most transformational technology of this generation, public cloud computing and all of its inherent flexibility still has not surpassed the 50 percent threshold for adoption within the enterprise space, according to analyst house Forrester, which also pegs the market for global public cloud services to reach $236 billion by 2020.

Blockchain shows open source’s fatal flaw—and a way forward

Open source usage has skyrocketed, but not the number of developers working on projects. Those who benefit need to pay developers to keep it all going

Mohd Shadab Siddiqui

At Ola (ANI Technologies), Mohd Shadab Siddiqui built complete infrastructure to protect all PII and business critical data across all data stores. All data was encrypted, there were dashboards built on older data for business critical data, on open source and most of the code was written in-house.

Flaws in Moodle CMS put thousands of e-learning websites at risk

The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain administrative privileges and execute malicious PHP code on web servers

HackerOne offers bug bounty service for free to open-source projects

Open-source projects will get free access to the professional version of the HackerOne platform to run their own security programs