Security budgets of Indian organizations: Where is it heading?

The perpetual catch up game between hackers and CISOs is resulting in a steadily rising cybersecurity budget. We take a look at what’s driving this trend and assess the security roadmap in 2018.

Emerging technologies to combat new age threats

Given the new age threat landscape, CIOs and CSOs across the board can no longer bank upon a fortified periphery that would protect the organization’s crown jewels.

Virsae unveils fraud busting security solution

Virsae has unveiled plans to tackle rising toll fraud costs, through the introduction of a security management solution leveraging unified communications capabilities.

Using better data to fight credit card fraud

Galileo Processing uses artificial intelligence to more accurately identify fraudulent credit card transactions. It's an example of how AI can be a powerful security technology.

Online scams hit New Zealand for $10M in 2017

New Zealanders were scammed out of $10.1 million during 2017, with the largest single loss amounting to $480,000.

6 ways hackers will use machine learning to launch attacks

Machine learning algorithms will improve security solutions, helping human analysts triage threats and close vulnerabilities quicker. But they are also going to help threat actors launch bigger, more complex attacks.

Significant CISO movements, appointments in Indian enterprise last fortnight

 Here is a list of significant Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) movements in the last fortnight across various industries. 

A quick glance at the state of cryptocurrency

Dubai, UAE has officially become the first country to launch its own crypto-currency. Crypto-currency is basically a medium of exchange created and stored electronically in blockchain, using encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

If you bought a OnePlus 5T, your credit card info may have been stolen

OnePlus has divulged that up to 40,000 customers may have had their credit card info stolen after making a purchase through its website.

How payment cards are evolving into mini computers

Leading payment card companies roll out products with advanced features like user interactiveness and biometrics.

Aadhaar breach report: Reactions on freedom and privacy

Here is a look into what unfolded after the Aadhaar breach report by an English daily went viral.

China’s moves against cryptocurrencies could affect blockchain growth

As China clamps down on the use of bitcoin, other nations and businesses are also seeking to more heavily regulate cryptocurencies and, more generally, blockchain-based networks.