Data breach

Millenials more likely to use biometrics, MFA to improve personal security: Study

IBM Security’s global study shows how Indian respondents are more technology-inclined compared to their global counterparts.

Are bad analogies killing your security training program?

Humans make irrational decisions under pressure. Security training needs to focus on changing behavior, not just raising awareness. Using effective analogies can help.

GDPR: Fujitsu Enhances Personal Data Protections

Fujitsu Enhances Personal Data Protections to Respond to the General Data Protection Regulation, supporting customers with safer and more secure services.

Amit Nath takes up global leadership role at F-Secure

APAC business head for F-Secure Amit Nath moves to global role in Finland; hands the baton to Keith Martin.

What is Zero Trust? A model for more effective security

The technologies that support Zero Trust are moving into the mainstream. Here's why security experts say it might be the best way to stop data breaches.

6 reasons you’re failing to focus on your biggest IT security threats

Most companies are not focused on the real security threats they face, leaving them ever more vulnerable. That can change if they trust their data rather than the hype.

Safeguarding your biggest cybersecurity target: Executives

Top execs make big targets, especially when traveling abroad. Here’s how to protect C-level officers from whaling, espionage, and themselves.

People, data and network are constants for modern enterprise: George Chang, Forcepoint

To understand and tackle issues of cybersecurity, enterprises must first decode the intersection of users, data and network, says George Chang, Head–APAC, Forcepoint.

Aadhaar breach report: Reactions on freedom and privacy

Here is a look into what unfolded after the Aadhaar breach report by an English daily went viral.

Cloud workloads at risk as security, management and compliance fail: Report

33 percent respondents report to have only partially encrypted the data in their cloud. 53 percent of them spend more time on management tasks than before.

Risk management is all about the data; security should be, too

Bay Dynamics takes a data-driven approach to helping companies identify and address the real security threats based on asset value.

Alleged breach compromises a billion Aadhaar accounts; govt in denial mode

A recent revelation exposes the vulnerability of Aadhaar data and the ease in accessing information for a mere Rs 500.