Ruby Mishra

Ruby Mishra led the implementation of an effective data security policy at KPMG India.


Subhajit Deb

Subhajit Deb conceptualized and implemented a framework called 'human firewall' aimed to institute security awareness, weave security practices within the business functions, and establish a rigorous central risk review and governance regime across the globe. Based on nominations, individual functional SME's with a solid geo-specific legal and regulatory understanding from various business units spanning across various countries were selected, trained on basic security practices and appointed as 'human firewalls'.

Pragnesh Mistry

For RPG Group, Pragnesh Mistry setup an ISO 27001 framework based on which the availability of business-critical data to authorized users, communication link availability, and necessary controls were built through single service provider. 

Satish K Sharma

Satish K Sharma led a team of experts to carry out a detailed gap analysis against ISO-27001:2013 guidelines to attain high security levels. 

Karthik Shankar

At RRD, Karthik Shankar led a cross-functional team in order to comply with data protection regulations. The team was responsible for delivering an action plan based on the data privacy principles. 

Shailendra Upadhyay

Shailendra Upadhyay has been in-charge of the implementation of SaaS (security-as-a-service) to identify any incident reported on the internet at any given point of time. He also helped deploy a centralized patch management solution that assists in managing all OS patches automatically. 

Meetali Sharma

Meetali Sharma conducted an internal risk assessment with respect to the security standards, identified gaps, and made numerous changes within the environment. This included physical segregation, VLAN segmentation, dual factor authentication, policy alignment, and employee trainings. 

Milind Nanal

At Volkswagen India, Milind Nanal performed implementation of redundant appliances threat prevention subscription in order to replace the installed perimeter firewall. A separate firewall was established for internal segmentation and production network. This led to cost benefits and freed up significant bandwidth for the organization.

Jagdeep Singh

At Rakuten India, Jagdeep Singh set up cyber security function to cater to in-house 24*7 security monitoring and incident response needs.

Nitin Gaur

Nitin Gaur implemented an advanced software and technology framework to enable tight security controls at Omega Healthcare. 

Lopa Mudraa Basuu

Lopa Mudraa Basuu developed investor reporting audit support model for enterprise IT of OCWEN by re-engineering IT risk management program through fine-tuning and bringing in different investor IT controls requirements under a single umbrella.

Kuldeep Kaushal

Kuldeep Kaushal has been instrumental in executing the security strategy at Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services.