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Employees Provident Fund portal compromised; Aadhaar the weakest link yet again

Amidst reports of confidential user data being compromised on the EPFO portal, the government retaliated with its sure-fire hack remedy – by taking the site offline.

MS Office vulnerabilities, unexplained outage puts Microsoft in a tough spot

The biggest software company in the world, Microsoft has had a rough month with significant spikes in targeted malware attacks and an out-of-the-blue Office 365 outage that threw enterprises out of gear all over the globe. 

The great privacy debacle: Congress, BJP find themselves a common adversary

Here's how both BJP and Congress dropped the ball in the data privacy game

ManageEngine fixes critical zero-day vulnerabilities that could affect close to 10,000 companies in India

Here’s all you need to know about ManageEngine’s zero-day vulnerabilities, and what the company has done to remediate the problem

Facebook exposé snowballs into a BJP-Congress slugfest

As IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad talks tough on taking Facebook to task, BJP and Congress continue to sling muck at each other alleging ties with the much-castigated Cambridge Analytica.

Three out of four organizations lack proper incident response plans: IBM-Ponemon report

There’s no denying that fortifying defenses is the first step to cyber-resiliency. What takes a back seat though, is the lack of proper incident response plans. IBM-Ponemon’s 2018 cyber-resiliency study reveals 77 percent of firms lack proper incident response plans.

Facebook fails to ‘trump’ the data protection game yet again

A whistleblower revealed how Donald Trump used data mining bigwig Cambridge Analytica to collect data without authorization to influence voters during his presidential run.

2017 Equifax breach could well be the most expensive hack ever

The 2017 Equifax breach is worse than we thought –the company reveals that 2.4 million more accounts were affected.

Aadhaar hack encore: Basic SQL injection exposes 96 lakh accounts

A security researcher brings to light the absolute ease with which Aadhaar data can be accessed.

Finance ministry calls out nearly 9,500 high risk financial companies

The Financial Intelligence Unit released a list of an astounding 9,491 NBFCs that were found to be non-compliant with anti- money-laundering laws.

RBI cracks the whip on Indian banks; mandates linking core-banking with SWIFT

In the wake of the Rs 11,400 crore loan fraud at Punjab National Bank, the Reserve Bank of India has mandated banks to link their internal software with the SWIFT inter-bank messaging system.

What makes the digital payments space in India an unguarded minefield

In wake of the National Cyber Security Coordinator’s startling revelation of 1.5 lakh online transactions being compromised every day, digital payment companies in India are walking on thin ice when it comes to protecting user data.